Thursday, April 22, 2021
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NC Safety Conference Virtual Exhibit Hall

Engineered Systems, Inc.



For forty-five years, Engineered Systems has been providing companies in the southeastern United States with their material lifting needs. We design, fabricate, install, and maintain overhead cranes and hoists, along with other lifting systems.


Engineered Systems was founded in 1969 by Mr. Larry LaPlue, PE, and has since grown to be the most comprehensive Crane and Hoist company in the south. In addition to designing and building new equipment, we have a large staff of over 80 technicians who are trained to inspect, maintain, and modify all of your lifting equipment and needs.


Please come inside and meet some of our exceptional people, who make Engineered Systems successful. We would be honored to serve you and your organization with your crane and hoist needs.


We will employ and invest in people who share the same vision we have established and desire to provide to our customers. We will couple newer technicians with senior technicians, to encourage growth and to instill our corporate values. As our associates demonstrate through their attitude and actions that they aspire to continue growing, we will respond by investing in their training, and we will work hard to provide them with continuing opportunities to grow.


We will provide services in an honest and considerate manner, based on long term relationships of mutual success and not short term profit. We will dress neatly, speak kindly and knowledgeably, and have the tools, talents, and tenacity to be the best provider of local service. We will work and respond to our customers and each other in such a way as to build the confidence of these customers and the competence of our associates.
Position We will position ourselves geographically and financially to be able to reach and provide service to our customers. Geographically we will strive to place offices within two hours of each other, so that we can support each other and respond to customers in a quick manner. As our people exhibit leadership abilities and initiative, we will open new offices in areas which are favorable markets for the products and services we provide. Financially, we will do this without incurring excessive debt.


We will sell products from manufacturers who stand behind their work. We will pursue and maintain relationships with vendors who provide excellence in their field and who exhibit the willingness to help us grow. We will offer a complete line of products that relate to overhead cranes and hoists and have people on staff that will be well-informed about their applications.


We do not want to be the low price leader and sell substandard products or services. Our commitment is to sell, manufacture, and install the best products for the application which we are attempting to satisfy. We will establish relationships that will allow us to buy at the best prices, and then offer superior products that will perform well over long periods of time at prices that are fair and competitive to our customers.


In everything we do, we will do with principle, honoring not only our company, our families and ourselves, but first and foremost The Creator God, who gives us all things.

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