Sunday, February 25, 2018
NC Safety Conference Virtual Exhibit Hall

Enovative Technologies

Since 2007 we have specialized in the marketing and sales of high quality Magic Massagers. These revolutionary products use Tense technology and are actually based on the same electronic stimulation technology that Chiropractors and Physical therapists use every day.

These devices can be used to treat all types of pain , whether you stand at work all day and have knee pain , due heavy lifting and struggle from a sore back , or suffer head aches or migraines , we have the answer for you.

The difference between these devices and regular tense units are the fact that tense units are made simply to treat pain versus our Magic Massagers are built with 3 main benefits: Treat pain , Massage and Relaxation , and Work out / Tone muscles.

Magic Massage is committed to your satisfaction and health and we are proud to present to you the newest high end electronic stimulation massagers that are available on the market at the most competitive prices.

Enovative Technologies

Chelsea Nichols

9748 Stephen Decatur Ave

Bishopville, MD 21813

Telephone 443-863-6645


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This is the largest conference of its kind on the East Coast. Many networking opportunities with safety professionals and awesome vendors! Please join us in the name of safety! The Conference shall function as a non-political, non-commercial organization with special emphasis on accident prevention and safety motivation.